Gintowt Adwokaci Radcowie has been providing complex legal assistance to real estate transactions and the construction process since its very beginning.

We have vast experience in the scope of legal assistance relating to real estate law. We handle surveys regarding real estate and its holders, we draft risk analysis regarding correctness of administrative decisions or the administrative procedures, first refusal, land and mortgage register guarantees, foreigner restrictions. We advise how to avoid or limit legal problems connected with real estate transactions. We handle the regulatory procedures regarding the legal status of properties, e.g. removing the burdens of mortgage or third party rights from land and mortgage registers.

In the scope of legal assistance relating to real estate law we handle the following issues:

  • development undertakings
  • commercial lease
  • ownership and co-ownership protection
  • dissolution of co-ownership
  • encumbrances
  • transfer of ownership
  • usucaption
  • preemption
  • foreigner acquisition
  • sale and lease transactions
  • perpetual usufruct transactions
  • limited property rights and transactions (usufruct, easement, pledge, cooperative ownership right)
  • sale, exchange, donation, life care contracts
  • fiduciary acquisition
  • fiduciary transfer to secure claims
  • contracts for transfer of possession
  • expropriation
  • agricultural transactions
  • demarcation, division and joining
  • fees for using estates without contract